Welcome to Grace For Life Ministries. 

What is Grace? Imagine a great king leaving his castle and riding in his royal carriage to a nearby village where he observed how the commoners lived. While making his way through the streets, the people stopped and bowed to the king. But then, much to everyone's surprise, the king ordered his carriage to stop. He got out and walked over to a needy man who was without the means to improve his situation. The king bent down low and offered the man his hand to help him up. Then the king took the needy man into his carriage and to his castle where he made him a member of the royal family which guaranteed the poor man would never want again. This is grace. The Greek word for grace is charis. It means favour, blessing, or kindness. It is perfectly expressed when one chooses to stoop or bend down to help another up. This is what God has done for us. He has bent down to help us up because we hadn't the means to improve our spiritual situation. This is what makes grace so amazing. It is God's choice to love and rescue us. 

Grace For Life Ministries exists to model, offer, and teach grace to others that their lives might literally change. It is our desire to extend favour, blessing, and kindness while reaching out to help people deal with situations they cannot or believe they cannot manage or be freed from. We want to help others find love, unconditional acceptance, freedom, and health that affects every relationship in their life.



  • To reach out and help people change by teaching them God's Word and how to apply God's grace to their life. 

    • These people may be churched or unchurched. They may have great faith or none at all. What they all have in common is their desire for change.

    • We will reach, inspire, equip, and encourage people to learn truth, trust God, and live by God's grace through faith. 



  • We will use four ministry platforms to accomplish our Mission: 

    • Counselling to Pursue God's Grace

    • Teaching to Present God's Word

    • Speaking to Persuade God's People

    • Writing to Promote God's Truth  


  • Knowing God, Loving People, and Teaching Grace.

  • Helping people believe and helping believers grow.

  • Inspiring people to learn God's Word and put their trust in Christ.

  • Teaching people to understand and adopt a biblical worldview.

  • Encouraging people to change by allowing God's truth and grace to guide what they believe and how to live. 

Pastor Colin Green: Counsellor, Teacher, Speaker, Writer

Dr. Colin Green is the founder of Grace for Life Ministries and provides the services it offers. Colin has been pastoring for thirty-five years. He is a shepherd at heart with a real love for God and people. His insight to why and how people struggle in their life, faith, and relationships makes him a trusted mentor and effective counsellor. He is a highly trained student of the Word and a gifted Bible teacher. He presents truth in a down-to-earth way that allows people to understand it and want to apply it. People with no faith or church background find Colin easy to like and understand. Those whose faith is developed find him biblically sound and thought provoking. Colin reaches people where they are and helps them to discover a deeper faith, a stronger walk, a changed life.  

Colin S. Green, BRE., MABS., MACE., D.Min. 

  • Undergraduate studies: Western Bible College, Denver, CO.

  • Graduate and Doctoral studies: Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX.                   

  • A very young 59 years old. Thinks he's funny. 

  • Married to Colleen for 38 years and have four young adult children together. 

  • Pastored churches for 35 years, planting three churches along the way. 

  • Canadian born but has pastored in both Canada and the United States.

  • High view of the Bible with an expositional preaching and teaching style that is warm, visual, and effective.             

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”
— 1 Peter 4:10
Colin & Colleen

Colin & Colleen