Pursuing God's Grace as the way to healthy relationships with God, self, and others. 

Our Approach to Counselling

When a person decides to seek help for personal issues, there are varying levels of care and kinds of treatment offered in the world of counselling. The most familiar are psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy. These are professional approaches that can be very effective. Dr. Green, at Grace For Life Ministries, offers Christian counselling that is biblical in its foundation and includes a combination truth, faith, wisdom, and willingness as dependants for change.

"What's on your mind? How's your heart?"

"What's on your mind? How's your heart?"

Dr. Green is a Professional Member of the Canadian Counsellors and Psychotherapy Association. However, he is not a psychiatrist, a psychologist, or a psychotherapist. Rather, he is a Christian counsellor committed to the standard of ethics and accountability that the CCPA expects and provides. He is a highly trained and experienced pastor who has logged thousands of hours of pastoral counselling over his thirty-five years of ministry. Every session begins and ends with prayer, seeks to understand the root issues beneath the presenting problem, includes biblical truth to gain insight with a view to helping a person accept what's wrong, what's true, and the steps needed to arrive at a better place. 

Dr. Green uses a combination of counselling and therapy to help people. Counselling focuses on resolving concerns that may be handled rather quickly once they are talked about openly. Therapy takes more time to go deeper and explore the underlying issues and includes recommending steps for change.  What makes Dr. Green's approach different is that he strives to introduce or reintroduce people to God's grace as truth that can become a life-principle by which to live. He believes grace changes everything. 

Our tendency is to be strong, self-sufficient, and dependent on our own willpower, but rather than try harder, we should reach out to the God who is all-powerful…
— John Townsend

Below you will see some specific areas of care that may be of interest to you. For more information, simply click on the one that relates to your need and make an appointment if you desire.

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Types of Appointments:

Appointments can be at GFLM office, a public place, or on Skype, FaceTime, Facebook video.

"I have found that people appreciate the option of meeting with me via Skype, FaceTime, or Facebook video instead of having to get dressed up, travel, park, find my office, and be on time. It's especially nice for evening or weekend appointments, or for young families. If you like this feature, we can make arrangements."