FAMILY Counselling


Home is a powerful word. It can mean a safe place with special people and conjure images of warmth, friendship, and love. But it can also mean hurting hearts, communication breakdowns, fear, and different kinds of abuse. One of the reasons families can struggle so much is that they literally don't know what they did to arrive where they are or how to fix the problems they are experiening. Maybe it's time to get some help from an objective outsider who can see things more clearly and with less emotion.

I can help you understand what the Bible says is common to every family but also explore how your family has its own style of relating, dysfunction, and survival techniques just to make it through each day of life together. We can surface solid, practical solutions for the day to day stuff you are struggling with as well. 

I've had a lot of experience in dealing with family problems of every kind. Let’s develop a biblical framework for what God intended your family's relationships to be like so you can have a happier, healthier home. Let's talk.



I know of no realm of life that can provide more companionship in a lonely world or greater feelings of security and purpose in chaotic times than the close ties of a family.
— Charles R. Swindoll