Welcome to Grace for Life Ministries

Offering pastoral care to the community

                            Dr. Colin Green

                            Dr. Colin Green

God's grace changed my life and I have never recovered. That's why I love to help others discover God's grace and how it can change their life as well. Loving and caring about people has always defined my pastoral career and my greatest joy in ministry. But I am not talking about all things warm and fuzzy. Loving people includes teaching God's truth and caring provides encouragement to live life God's way. Regardless of a person's age or stage of life, or where they are on their faith-journey toward God, I want to connect, love to engage, and desire to help them grow. Because everyone can use some guidance and friendship. I know life's challenges and how hard it can be to meet them head on. I offer solutions without judgment and direction with encouragement. I use the Scriptures as my guide and God's grace as the foundation upon which to help others establish their faith, enjoy healthier relationships, and build a better life.  

Grace for Life Ministries affords me the luxury of offering pastoral care to the community at large. I am no longer the pastor over one flock but am available as a counsellor, teacher, speaker, and writer to reach everyone I can. To take people as they are, where they are, with the needs they have and assist them in finding biblical solutions that lead to change.

I hope I can help you or someone you know to encounter God's Grace for Life.   




- Pursuing God's Grace -
as the way to healthy relationships with God, self, and others. 

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- Presenting God's Word -
so people understand what it says and how to apply it to life. 

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- Persuading God's People -
to learn biblical truth and live life with a Christian worldview.  

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 - Promoting God's Truth -
to help people know God and live life by grace through faith.  

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