Promoting God's Truth to help people know God and live life by grace through faith.  


Grace for Life Ministries wants to reach as many people as possible by promoting God's truth through writing. We intend to cast many nets to reach people through our counselling, teaching, and speaking ministries, but the circle of influence through those ministries can be limited. However, a book that is well written, promoted, and distributed has the potential to reach thousands, even millions of people, providing that it is God's will to use it to bring his message of hope and grace to change lives.

Dr. Green is in contact with several publishers and will be presenting various titles and book ideas for consideration. Writing has been a dream of his for over fifteen years. Until now, it wasn't feasible. Grace for Life Ministries affords Dr. Green the luxury of pursuing this aspect of his ministry and could be used by God in major ways in people's lives.